Residential Tenancy Law

Residential tenancy law protects the rights and sets out responsibilities of landlords and tenants. In Manitoba, the Residential Tenancies Branch helps solve disputes between landlords and tenants by providing information and mediating disputes. 

Tenants in Manitoba have a right to privacy in their rental unit, quiet enjoyment of their rental unit, and notice of any rent increase. Tenants have an obligation to pay rent on time, keep the rental unit clean, and not disturb other tenants.

Landlords in Manitoba have a right to make reasonable rules for the rental unit, require a security and pet damage deposit, and enter the rental unit to make repairs, with proper notice. Landlords have an obligation to keep the rental unit in good repair, keep the rental unit fit for habitation, and provide doors and locks to ensure the rental unit is secure. 

This information is general only and does not cover all tenant’s and landlord’s rights and responsibilities. In Manitoba, Legal Aid might be available for certain residential tenancy disputes if you qualify financially. For more information and assistance with your residential tenancy problem, call Vanessa at 204-557-1533 or email to schedule a 30-minute initial consultation. Services offered:

  • Eviction
  • Health and safety issues 
  • Tenant and landlord claims

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